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bo is full of symlinks to rex?

Prior to the freezing of rex, "unstable" (rex) contained all of the
physical files of the distribution.

Now, "unstable" is "bo", and it has many links back to rex.

At what point will "bo" loose the links to rex and be self-contained

When the change occured, my mirror of "unstable" lost a bunch of files.
Now I have to get both rex and bo. I think I can continually mirror
"unstable" only, by careful use of the following option in mirror, but
I haven't actually tried this yet:

     If the remote site contains symlinks that you want to "flat-
     ten  out"  into  the  corresponding  files,  then do this by
     changing the flags passed to the remote ls:

     First test this by trying a ls -lRatL  on  the  remote  site
     under the ftp command to check whether the remote file-store
     has any symlink loops.

Anybody got a better method to mirror only the "unstable" tree


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