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Re: Deselect issues(was R: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?)

> > > >My only complaint is that it autoinstalls updated packages.  There have
> > > >been a number of times that I wanted to grab one new package via ftp
> > > >install, and came up with 10 megs of updated packages.
> > > Here, here...I second this.  I know you can confirm what to get but
> > > maybe there should be single question to overide this default behavior
> > > or something.
> > I am a little confused here - dpkg-ftp prompts you if it should get
> > all the new packages marked for installation or if it should prompt
> > for each one separately.   What more do you want?  Should the
> > questions be worded better?
> The problem isn't that I *have to* get everything; it's that it's the
> default, and the default can't be changed.
> I ran into this one on a machine that I wanted to keep "stable".
> Unfortunately, I needed to go to "unstable" to get make-kpkg, and
> ended up upgrading nearly everything.  (This was very early in my Debian
> "career".)  I still run into this occasionally when I go to a different
> site to look for something.
> Normally, the default is what I want, but there are times when I don't.
> The problem with using the "hold" feature is that if I set "all updated
> packages" to "hold", then do an "update", I have "holds" scattered all
> throughout the list.
> One solution would be to hade an "unhold" feature, which sets the status
> according to the currently-installed status.

I don't understand this.  The 'default' behavior of dpkg-ftp is to _ask_ the user if they want to get all of the new/updated packages prior to initiating the ftp connection.  If I only want one or two packages right then, I can select only those packages and the rest can be retrieved (or not) the next time I select [I]nstall.  This seems to be exactly the behavior you're looking for, yes?  Maybe I've misunderstood.
Lamar Folsom
"Life is wasted on the living."  - The Master

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