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Re: AAAH!! Diald again!!

>The PPP options file has everything disabled. Diald is being run like this: 

>diald /dev/ttys1 -m ppp local remote defaultroute
>modem crtscts connect 'chat -v ""ATDT####### CONNECT "" ogin: mylogname word:
>mypassword' dynamic -daemon

Martin said: 
>Hmm Look at your chat paramters.. The first parameter should be "" but
>in your case it's ""ATDT#######. Ther should be a space between "" and

Well, I already tried that with and without the space. Either way doesn't work,
it just varies the amount of time it takes to fail. Weird, eh? I think I've
missed something simple somewhere along the line, now I need to track it down.


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