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Computer insane behaviour!

     Hi all,

     I know this is not debian specific, but anyway...

     I really can't believe my eyes, but I'm under this situation:

     I have 2 identical (Quantum IDE, 1.7Mb) hard disks. I divided one of 
them in several partitions and installed different debian configs on each 
in order to install from it to other machines (one partition for each 
computer). The other HD has a linux and a dos partition. When I copy 
(using cpio -pdm) from one HD to the other, the copy doesn't work right 
(only for this particular disk). The first disk works fine on the same 
computer, though.

     I came across two errors: man reports "can't open /etc/ld.so.cache" 
and "can't open libgdbm.so.1". The files are there and are equal to the 
originals. Another error is, when trying to login with my username, it 
says "can't cd to /home/nel: permission denied". The permissions on the 
directory are ok.

     I copied the whole HD 3 times, imagining it should be a copy 
problem, but the errors are exactly the same. What the heck is going 

I'd be grateful if anyone has an idea about this...


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