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Floppy management?


On 3 occasions, I had a rather annoying problem when playing with my floppy. I
have the entry:

	/dev/fd0	/floppy	msdos	user,sync,rw,conv=auto,debug

allowing any user to mount a floppy, which can then be accessed read/write as
/floppy. Great. However, the problem is that if you eject a disk before
unmounting it, sometimes you get a nice frightening "kernel panic" error (even
when being careful enough to wait for the floppy light to go off). On
one occasion, putting the disk back in didn't help, and I had to reboot!

The question is: what is the proper way of handling this for people that cannot
put a "root" hat if need be? Is there some kind of package that would care for
this in an organised way, say

1) "please insert the new floppy" and detect when this is done
2) "Click here before ejecting" and clean up, potentially killing applications
depending on the presence of the floppy, or whatever,
3) "You can now safely eject your floppy"
4) "Please reinsert the last floppy" in case of confusion.

And most importantly: be bullet proof for against kernel panic? I really
believe this is an important point from some users point of view.

I was also surpised that Linux was not that much better than DO$ for the
multitasking of floppy formatting: the system stops responding, and if you then
eject the disk...

Any input welcome.


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