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Re: Deselect issues(was R: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?)

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996 fols9488@uidaho.edu wrote:

> > One solution would be to hade an "unhold" feature, which sets the status
> > according to the currently-installed status.

> I don't understand this.  The 'default' behavior of dpkg-ftp is to _ask_
> the user if they want to get all of the new/updated packages prior to
> initiating the ftp connection.  If I only want one or two packages right
> then, I can select only those packages and the rest can be retrieved (or
> not) the next time I select [I]nstall.  This seems to be exactly the
> behavior you're looking for, yes?  Maybe I've misunderstood. 

No.  The problem here is that it asks *EVERY TIME* you go to download.

Try this:

On a clean install, using only 'stable' packages:
Go to 'unstable' (to get kernel-package).
See how many files you have to tell it to NOT get.

Repeat a few dozen times for various packages that you later find you
need.  Don't use 'hold', as that would keep you from getting updates from

You'll see exactly what I mean.

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