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Re: Hylafax packages?

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> I have no experience with multi-binary packages. If someone else wants to
> do it then tell me. Otherwise I have to make debmake multi-binary aware.
> Can you send me a summary of your experiences so I can improve my package?

Sure, I like debmake :-)

For hylafax I need to create 2 packages, hylafax-server and 

In your example rules file I've changed the line "make
install PREFIX=debian/tmp" to "make install SERVERPREFIX=debian/server 
CLIENTPREFIX=debian/client" and edited the Makefile(s) appropriately. 
Then later I do "dpkg-gencontrol -phylafax-server -Pdebian/server" and 
the same method for the client package. No big problems (the control file 
has separate sections for hylafax-server and hylafax-client).


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