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Re: Big IDE drive on old bios

In your email to me, Stephen Fuqua, you wrote:
> I have been using linux for a couple of years, but I have 
> always used machines with new bios and big drives, and I 
> have never had any problem with lilo.
> I am in the process of building a debian machine for my office
> from surplus parts. I have a five year old Dell 486 that I is
> the base for the machine.  I have an offer from my boss either
> to buy a ~500 meg ide drive, which would be less than the old bios
> restriction, or else to get his new, 1 gig ide drive, and he gets
> a new 2gig drive. I've looked at the HOWTO's and I am not sure.

take the new 1 gig.. :)

> Will I be able to get lilo to boot off the 1gig drive when I 
> make a root partition smaller than 1023 cylinders?  Can I be 

Sure.. just put in the BIOS 1024 cyl, and the correct head and
sector values. It'll boot right up and the kernel will probe
the right values. Just make sure to make your root partition
1023 or less.

> pretty sure that I can at least boot the thing with a floppy? 

Floppy will work too, but follow the above, and it should work fine.


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