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Apparent floppy disk problem

Subject: Apparent floppy disk problem 


The problem exhibits itself when I attempt to create a boot floppy while
attempting to install Debian 1.1.8. The script attempts to format the
floppy disk and fails on verify - with any disk floppy I use, and I have
used about a dozen different disks, with essentially the same message: 

	Formatting floppy ....
	verifying ...
	end_request I/O error dev 02:00 sector 15
	end_request I/O error sector 16
	end_request I/O error sector 30
	end_request I/O error sector 32
	read - unknown error

I at first attributed this to a bad image from the CD, but I down loaded
the install disk images from the ftp site. Using an older slackware
installation, I used this to write the disks: 

	dd if=image of=/dev/fd0 bs=18

Where "image" is successively the special boot 1 (for all adaptec scsi),
root.bin base14-[123].bin. 

My machine is a 486 dx2 66, 256 K cache, 16 MB RAM a 1542A SCSI
controller, and 4 scsi devices: 

/dev/sda: MICROP    Model: 1674-07MB1036510  Rev: AS0A scsi id 0
/dev/sdb  SEAGATE   Model: ST3655N           Rev: 0190 scsi id 2
/dev/sdc  FUJITSU   Model: M1606S-512        Rev: 6234 scsi id 3
/dev/sdd  SyQuest   Model: EZ135S            Rev: 1_12 scsi id 4
/dev/scd0 TEXEL     Model: CD-ROM DM-XX24 K  Rev: 1.09 scsi id 6

scsi : detected 1 SCSI cdrom, 4 SCSI disks total.

For what it is worth I want Debian on the 1.1 G disk, and to keep
the 540 of LOSE 95, which I have to support for a small rehab outfit here 
in town. 

There is a single 1.44 MB floppy in /dev/fd0 that gives no problems with
an older Slackware Linux, and works fine with Norton utilities on the
floppies that I format using Norton's format program, or under Slackware

I tried the fdformat from a shell spawned with a function key. It fails,
with the same error messages.




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