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Re: Caching-only "named": where is the cache? (fwd)

fabrizio carraro <fabrizio@smallLinux.ccir.ed.ac.uk> writes:
> > The cache is in RAM. It can get large, too! I consider this a bug in
> > named. 
> There is the directive limit, for example:
>      limit      datasize 64M
> I would consider a bug the fact that you can save the database in a file
> (kill -SIGINT does that, whitout actually killing named), but apparently
> there is no way to reload the saved database after rebooting. 

It is used for debugging purposes - why would that be a bug?

SIGTERM is used to dump the databases in a fashion to be read in again
- but this is a compile time option which I believe the debian package
dosn't have.


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