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Re: cdu31a

On 14 Nov 1996 rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu wrote:
> A friend is trying to convert to Debian from Slakware.  He's using
> buzz-fixed off an Info Magic cdrom, and can't get the installation
> boot disk to recognize his cdu31a.
> At the lilo prompt, he's type
> 	linux cdu31a=0x230,0
> This lilo parameter worked fine under slakware.
> Any suggestions?
This gave me the hardest time of installation too and i lost two days
being without a reasonably working system trying to find this out and
reinstalling numerous times until Bruce gave me the right advice:


        modprobe cdu31a cdu31a_port=0x340 cdu31a_irq=5

If you use "modconf" (the module configuration menu) use the arguments

        cdu31a_port=0x340 cdu31a_irq=5

Adapt as needed.

It's all stated in the kernel documentation included with the sources 
which are not present upon the stage of the base system installation. And
the information *present* during installation time is somewhat misleading
because the old scheme of passing parameters to LILO doesn't work with the
new 2.0.xx kernels. This should be revised in the setup configuration. Or
is it already for "Debian-1.2" release?
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