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Re: Hylafax packages?

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Dermot Bradley wrote:

> On 3 Nov 1996, Robert Nicholson wrote:
> > Somebody a few weeks ago had mentioned that they were preparing
> > hylafax as packages?
> That was myself. I was almost finished and then I discovered debmake
> :-) I've spent the past week or so getting to grips with it.
> The finished packages should be available in a matter of days.

You mentioned that one of your hylafax packages conflicts with mgetty - are
you working on fixing that?

mgetty is THE getty to use - i wouldn't consider using anything else
(unless i needed a hacked getty to do something special...hacking agetty
is a lot easier than hacking mgetty because it's much smaller)

hylafax sounds like it's THE fax program to use.  I'd really like to be
able to use it, but not if the price was losing mgetty.

surely there's some way of making them work together...

probably the simplest (but not necessarily the best) solution would be for
there to be two mgetty packages - one with sendfax which conflicts with
hylafax, and one without which suggests hylafax...would have to be
co-ordinated with the mgetty maintainer Christoph Lameter

another similar option would be to split mgetty into two packages,
'mgetty' and 'sendfax'.  mgetty could "Suggest: sendfax | hylafax"

yet another option would be to use the 'update-alternatives' script to
resolve the conflict...i think you said that it was only one program
called sendfax which conflicted.

which brings up the quick hack option - rename hylafax's 'sendfax' to
'sendhylafax' or something and make sure the rest of the hylafax suite
knows about the change (including the man pages!)


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