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Re: About the loop device

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996 20:02:51 +0100 Santiago Vila Doncel 
(sanvila@ctv.es) wrote:

> I'd love to handle dosemu's hdimage files without dosemu.
> What must I do to use a loop device with Debian?
> (Will "cd /dev; mknod loopx b 7 x" for x=0,...,7 be enough?)
> Should I have to recompile the kernel?
> If yes, will Debian 1.2 support loop device directly?

Dunno if Debian supports the loop device directly (I still kept my old Slackware habit of rolling my own kernel, and I don't use kernel-package), but there might be a loop.o module somewhere under /lib/modules.

Once the loop module is in the kernel, and once you've created the loop devices with the correct mknod, using the loop device is as easy as:
	mount -t msdos /somewhere/hdimage /mnt -o loop=/dev/loop0


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