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Re: can't resolve symbol 'llseek'

Juhani Luhtanen <jluhta@hum78.joensuu.fi> writes:
> I'm probably missing the obvious here but could someone help me out.

No, it's a bug with the boot disks you're using (I *assume* you're running
this off a boot disk, since that's the only context I've heard of this error
occurring).  They contain a stripped-down version of libc, which erroneously
does not include llseek(), which means you cannot seek past about 2Gb or so
(or whatever the actual number is - the point is it breaks for large

Somebody else may be able to give you a better solution (e.g. Is there a
fixed version of the boot disks around?  This is an *old* bug), but if you
have another partition you can stick a copy of a real version of libc on,
then you can use that to get around the problem.  If you're installing only
Linux on the machine, and you're basically going to have just one big
partition per disk, then it's a bit more awkward.  If this is the case, then
I'd argue that you probably want a swap partition anyway, so you could
create a normal partition the same size as you want your swap partition,
install a minimal system on that, boot from it, and use that to format your
big partition(s).  Once you've done that you should be able to finish
installing on the big partition, and you can convert the old small one back
into a swap partition.  Ugly, but it works (I've done it, but for different

If nobody gives you any better solutions and you want more help with this,
let me know...


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