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Re: Crack and cops

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996, CoB SysAdmin wrote:

> I didn't notice crack or cops listed in the Debian 1.1 package listing.
	Both packages would be more than welcome to Debian. However, COPS
would be more important since Debian 1.2 has qcrack (a high speed version of
crack using hashing files). Currently, COPS and Crack are in my to-do list
of packages to Debianize but if you feel a urgent need for them go ahead to
package them.
> I ftp'd crack and had trouble compiling it, discovered many others did, too;
> found the glitch and fixed it.
	Yes, Crack is a pain but easily fixed.

> So, it brings me to an interesting question: Is there a reason why cops
> and crack aren't in a package yet, other than possibly not having a
> maintainer? I figured that people might not like making a package like
> crack quite so "plug-n-play", lest the baddie baddies get wind of it.
	It not a matter of Debian/Linux not accepting them, it matter of
time. Most package developers aren't paid for their time, so it takes awhile
for packages such as COPS and Crack to get packaged.

> If the only impediment is that they need a maintainer, what do I need to
> do to enlist? (Probably check the FAQ first, huh? Duh!)
	You got it! :) And good luck should you take on this job COPS is
going to be a major pain in the *ss to debianize (in my opinion). Let me
know if you decide to take on either package so we don't duplicate our

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