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Re: aztcd driver needs DOS to initialize sound card IDE port?

Bruce Perens wrote:
> From: Alberto Brizio <brizio@cstv.to.cnr.it>
> > Here is the problem, the Sound Card. For the aztcd driver to work, it
> > needs that the IDE port of the Sound Card be initialized, so the best
> > way I've found (many thanks to Prof. Zimmermann) is to use loadlin after
> > booting DOS setting up the Sound Card IDE controller this way.
> I've copied this message to Werner Zimmerman, the driver author.  What
> sound cards exhibit this problem? 

My sound card is a MAD16PRO, it's based on the OPTi 82c929 chip and
has 4 connectors for CD-ROM, a standard IDE, a Panasonic, a Sony and
... damn', I can't remember now. 
This SC is sometimes known as a SoundStorm and I suppose it's quite 
the same as the Turtle Beach Tropez. The manufacturer is "PRIMAX".

BTW I've not tried to setup the sound module yet: can anybody give me
some hints about it? The Sound-HOWTO says this card is supported but
it is not clear if I've got to pass some options. 
I don't want to recompile the kernel.

> I have a Wearnes controller (someone
> at Orchid crossed out the word Wearnes on the printed circuit card and
> packed it in the box with my Orchid 3110) and it does not exhibit this
> problem.
>         Thanks
>         Bruce
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Hope that helps

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