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Clone(), and I don't mean threads.

I have a debian machine.  It's got tons of stuff on it, but no package

I have another machine, this one with no Linux at all on it.

I insert a floppy into the second machine, attach a null-modem cable
between the two, fire up the clone-server on the first machine, and start
up the second.

The second machine goes through the installation process.  It calls the
first machine to see what packages the first has installed.  It then
requests the full packages, which the first machine regenerates on the fly
from it's disk of installed packages.

To do this, you would have to keep some more state concerning the pristine
state of config files, etc.  (You don't, e.g., want the second machine to
ge a copy of your passwd file.)  Other than that, though, it'd be great if
any Linux machine could serve as an installation base for any other
machine you want to install on.  It seems to be doable, and it'd really
leverage off of the free nature of the beast.

I can see it now; someone wants to install Linux on their machine, I just
take my laptop, attach a cable, and let it go.  No digging for a CDROM,
you can just do it right there.

I'm just dreaming, right?

Todd Graham Lewis             Linux!                 Core Engineering
Mindspring Enterprises  tlewis@mindspring.com   (800) 719 4664, x2804

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