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Re: ETA of the new X packages

Bruce Perens wrote:
> > Any chance that 1.2 will have a recent kernel (like 2.0.23 or 2.0.24)?
> > 2.0.24 has the big ping fix which I consider important, however I've
> > heard some applications have problems with .24 due to a change in a
> > network struct.
> It currently has 2.0.23 (although I have not released a boot disk, the
> kernel package is there).

I don't get it. My mirror of ftp.debian.org, up-to-date as of last
is a mirror of "development", which is a link to rex. Isn't the
1.2 a snapshot of rex taken on monday? My mirror still has kernel 2.0.6:

  lrwxrwxrwx    1 rickm         55 Jul 23 05:30
kernel-headers-2.0.6_2.0.6-0.deb ->
  lrwxrwxrwx    1 rickm         54 Jul 23 05:30
kernel-source-2.0.6_2.0.6-0.deb ->

Where is 2.0.23, and what does it mean to say that 1.2 has it when rex


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