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Re: Dselect docs for beginners

> Bruce asked me to come up with something to help those new to dselect
> when they come to install 1.2 .
> > > Are you serious?  You want _me_ to document dselect?
> > Not being an expert might be an asset. The users have my installation
> > manual to get them up to the login prompt, and then nothing. Something
> > _short_ to get them started with dselect would be nice. An explanation

As someone who is new (compared to most) to unix and Linux, I think a 
quick blurb to take someone past the login prompt is a great idea.  
Maybe the doc mentioned above will end up on a mirror?, so I can 
point all the newbies I run into, to it?  I alway suggest Debian now. 

When I was looking into which distribution to install, many people pointed 
me to Slack, or Redhat, citing ease of installation.   And ya, I 
guess, both were pretty easy to install,  but so was Debian.  In 
fact, with regards to getting things operational, Debian, was much 
easier. :-)

It would have been nice, to have seen, "type dselect" to decide 
which packages you'd like to install, since I hadn't ever heard of 
dselect.  I just assumed that debian had a counterpart to Slacks 
"setup", and went out and found it, and more, in dselect. 

What made me come to Debian, and stay?  The development team.  As 
soon as I was aware of what was going on behind the distributions, I 
switched, joined these email groups and couldn't be happier.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, for the opportunity to learn from your 

Rich M

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