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Re: Gnus isn't the culprit (too bad I don't know what is:(

ME? <lars@lightcom.net> writes:

> I set the permissions to those you have, but I get this message
> approxamately 5 min after doing "echo test | mail lars" at any given
> terminal:

Are you runnning sendmail, or smail?

> Reading active file from lars_mail via nnml...
> nnml: Reading incoming mail...
> Getting mail from /root/.gnus-crash-box...
> Error, unknown mail format! (Possibly corrupted.)

This is what happens when gnus encounters a problem moving your mail
from your /usr/spool/mail box to your local directory.  You can get
things back in a reasonable state by moving the ~/.gnus-crash-box file
to another namYou should check its contents to make sure you didn't
lose anything important.


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