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Re: Goodbye, all! (Whatever became of X3.2)

From: "Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com>
> I never placed my position as "distribution manager" on the line for
> this point.  I just said that if you didn't want me to do my job, then
> say so.

Indeed you didn't. I think the problem is mine. I've been able to delegate
almost _everything_ about the project, but I am having a real problem
delegating release control. So I won't delegate it again. I'm sorry that
you were the casualty.

> This was never a popularity contest between myself and Ian.

Don't worry, Ian's not going to win any popularity contests. He does have
a large personal investment in the project, but his manner was extremely

> I also wish you good luck ever getting anyone else to work for you
> again.  I find it unlikely that anyone will be comfortable in any position
> you grant because they know that you will be second guessing them all
> the way.

This is a tight rope that I constantly walk as a leader. More than one
volunteer has been a casualty. I'd gladly hand over my position if I found
someone who would do it better.

> There will also be some doubt as to whether it is you or
> Ian that actually runs the distribution.  You were effectively held
> hostage by a threat; whether the demands were reasonable or not is
> irrelevant.

Nope, it wasn't the threat. Before I tuned into that e-mail exchange,
I was planning how to terminate the project gracefully if it turned out
that we had completely blown our credibility by leaving that security bug
in place. I wouldn't have been thinking along those lines if I felt good
about what had gone on up to that point.

> I'm sure Guy is also wonderfully happy that you sanctioned Ian's invasion
> on his ground (the FTP site).

I don't sanction Ian's actions. I just agree with him that releasing with
XFree86 3.1 would have been a tremendous mistake.

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