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Re: Debian really best?

>>>>> Tim T Walker writes:

  Tim> Why is Debian better? 

I chose it because of the packaging system and because they said that
they try to provide a stable system.  In fact, nothing about Debian
has ever behaved in an unexpected way for me (except for stuff that I
configured myself -- go figure).

The packaging system groks dependencies and versions and it can
deinstall packages.  It's quite thought-out, for example it knows that
you need an MTA (mail transport agent) in order to meaningfully
install an MUA (mail user agent).  Further, it knows that there are
different programs providing the same functionality (eg sendmail and
smail), so to a mail reader it won't matter if you install sendmail or

I wonder why nobody don't like me,
or is it de fact dat I'm ugly?

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