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Re: inn / suck - help me!

Paul Haggart <phaggart@cybertap.com> writes:

>   Argh, this has caused me problems to no end!  Can someone please send me a
> working configuration for suck and inn?  

>   I can get suck to gather news and send it locally, but I can't figure out
> how to get locally written messages sent to my ISP's news server.  I don't
> want to use nntp-style reading, because I don't have a 24/7 connection.

This sounds like you need an entry in the `/etc/news/newsfeeds' file.
Here is what I use when sucking news to and from the NNTP server at
the Univ. of Va.:


The NNTP server here is at the address `news.virginia.edu' and it adds
`murdoch' (the other name of the server) to the `Path' header.  With
these entries in the newsfeeds file, INN places the message id of any
article that needs to be sent to UVa's NNTP server to the
`/var/spool/news/.outgoing/news.virginia.edu' file.  Articles will be
marked as outgoing unless either

(1) the article contains `murdoch' in the Path (in which case it was
   "sucked" from UVa's server), or

(2) The article is marked for local distribution (via a Distribution

The get-news.inn script automatically posts messages listed in the
`/var/spool/news/.outgoing/<server address>' file to the remote NNTP

Here's a template that you can use for this file:

<Path entry>:/!local:Tf,Wn:<remote server address>

   <Path entry> = the entry that your ISP's news server places in the
	`Path' header.
   <remote server address> = the address of your ISP's news server as
	listed in the `/etc/suck/get-news.conf' file.


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