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Clock in error in NTP client env.

Does any know of a reason that the local CPU clock would jump forward 
1 hour?  We are running as a NTP client and the clocks are in sync 
with the NTP server.  This has run fine for some time.  Now, for some 
unknown reason, the clock jumps forward 1 hour.  The NTP server is ok.
 All the other NTP clients, that sync to the same server, are showing 
the correct time.  So I know that it is not the NTP server that is at 
fault.  When I look at the peerstats file, it shows the clocks in 
sync, then it the logs show that the time is out of sync by 1 hour.  
I believe that NTP will not re-sync back to the NTP server because 
the clocks now differ by more than 10 minutes(sanity checks).  This 
leaves my UNIX machine with the clock running free.

I am trying to take over support duties for someone else.  I am just 
beginning to learn UNIX.  Any help on the above issue would be great. 

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