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2.0.25 and Lilo

Folks (and esp. kernel-source/image maintainters),

Based on the following experience, I would like to suggest that that
the kernel package should "depend on" or "recommend" Lilo>17.  At the
very least, it might be good to give a heads up to problems with
versions earlier than 18 in the README.

        I compiled 2.0.25 today with Debian 1.1.X (some things updated
        but not completely in sync with rex).

        No problems with the kernel but Lilo (v17) gave the message:

                "Wrong loader, giving up . . ."

        The old kernel (2.0.5) loaded just fine using Lilo and the new
        one booted fine from a floppy.  It turns out that upgrading to
        Lilo v19 fixed the problem.  Looking at the new Lilo docs
        combined with a lilo -v -v -q revealed that the 2.0.25 is
        loaded high and this this requires Lilo >=18.



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