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Can't get xdm to work.

	I can't seem to get xdm to work on my debian box. X starts and runs
fine if invoked with startx. The only strabge thing that I havefound is
that I had to habd configure the /etc/11/xdm/Xservers file. I'm pretty sure
that I got that right.

	Here it is for reference:
# $XConsortium: Xserv.ws.cpp,v 1.3 93/09/28 14:30:30 gildea Exp $
# Xservers file, workstation prototype
# This file should contain an entry to start the server on the
# local display; if you have more than one display (not screen),
# you can add entries to the list (one per line).  If you also
# have some X terminals connected which do not support XDMCP,
# you can add them here as well.  Each X terminal line should
# look like:
#	XTerminalName:0 foreign
:0 local /usr/bin/X11/X

	When i run xdm there is a breif disk acces, and then nothing happens.
There are no messages in /var/log/xdm-errors.

	What am I doing wrong here?

	BTW I can post the rest of the /etc/X11/xdm config files if neede, but
they should be the default ones, since I haven't changed any of them.

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