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debian via ftp

Hi  -  let's use this tool as well :)
After reading some of the readmefiles I still have some Q.

I have Linux 2.0.0 from the German distributor S.u.S.E., after installing
some packages directly from sunsite, other from debian I must have confused
my system a bit :} this and other problems made me want to reinstall the
I also increase my hdspace from 1 to 2.2 GB which gives me more space to
spead my files :) [and the possibility to make a backup partition :]

I wan't to install debian now via etherlink.
Which programs do I need for that ? [ dselect , dk??-ftp , ... ]
And were are they ?

can you give me suggestions in partitoning 1.5 GB ?
can I just overwrite my running system or should I first get rid of some
parts ?
( i don't wan't the system to crash while I install :)

thanx and God bless you
Alexander N. Benner ; Nikodemus@irc ( #IXThYS )
2941 University Meadows Drive #815,St.Louis MO 63121, USA ; (314)516-7886 
Nikodemus@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de ; http://home.pages.de/~Nikodemus/

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unto salvation to every one that beliveth; _to the Jew first_ and also to the
Gentiles. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to
faith: as it is written, The just shal live by faith.       ROMANS 1:16-17

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