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Re: Anyone using Free SCO Unix yet?

From: Daniel Stringfield <servo@jax-inter.net>
On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Craig Harmon wrote:
> With the release of Free SCO Unix--doesn't Linux become obsolete?

No, for a lot of reasons. In fact, SCO would not have made their system
free except to combat the perception that Linux had already obsoleted SCO.
Of course they don't go far enough, and they did it much too late.
No source code and no open development model. How could they keep up with
Linux that way?

I hear they do have a much better developed version of "WINE" than ours.
We'll have to catch up with that.

By the way, this should not become a continuing discussion on debian-user.
It should go to debian-talk (is there still a debian-talk?) or one of the
Linux newsgroups.


Bruce Perens K6BP   Bruce@Pixar.com

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