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Re: accessing files over serial cable?

>>>>> " " == Bruce Perens <bruce@pixar.com> writes:

     > Given that you have 16550A-compatible serial interfaces (or
     > something else with a deep serial buffer), you should be able
     > to go 115,200 bits per second over serial lines from one Linux
     > to another. Get a "Laplink" cable from the computer store.

Yes, thanks, that's the easy part.  I've already got that -- I've been
running getty's across a null modem cable for some time.  Beyond that,
several people recommended setting up PPP.  No one indicated what I
should do once I set up PPP :(  Anyway, reluctantly, I sallied forth.
Now I've got a PPP link between my laptop and desktop, so I would like
to run dselect, etc., accessing file systems on the desktop as if they
were local to the laptop -- I assume NFS is the thing.  I will plow
forward into these uncharted waters now, but if anyone would care to
offer NFS advice, I'm all ears (or is it eyes?)...

Thanks, all.

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