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Re: DOS <--> Linux

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Matthew Hewitt wrote:

> I am running Debian 1.1.  I want to use it as a file server for MSDOS
> 6.22. I was wondering what can I use to facilitate this. I know that I can
> use WFWG to connect to the samba server but is there such a thing for
> MSDOS?  I want to be able to boot off a floppy and have the Linux exported
> directory structure come up as c: . Basically make a Diskless(will sort
> of) dos station. Anyone hear of anything like this? Or is there a PC-NFS
> or equievelent in the shareware/freeware domain. 

LANtastic will connect to a "lan manager" or "wfwg" server, which is what
SAMBA "is".

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