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Re: accessing files over serial cable?

On 09-Nov-96 John Rulnick wrote:
>>>>>>> " " == Bruce Perens <bruce@pixar.com> writes:
>Now I've got a PPP link between my laptop and desktop, so I would like
>to run dselect, etc., accessing file systems on the desktop as if they
>were local to the laptop -- I assume NFS is the thing.  I will plow
>forward into these uncharted waters now, but if anyone would care to
>offer NFS advice, I'm all ears (or is it eyes?)...
Yes, NFS mount the disks and CD etc, that should be the ticket.  However,
there really was no need to do PPP connect between them.  I use SLIP to 
do the very same thing here.  You'll find slattach far easier, and it will
likely be a bit better on thruput.  There is nothing truly magic about PPP
but one thing it does do is that it has more overhead per frame.  For local
machines connected by a cable, SLIP is easier and probably better.  I say
probably because as long as both PPP implementations support all the options,
it really doesn't matter, and it would be essentially the same as SLIP.  The
overhead is essentially a don't care.

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