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Re: CD-ROM IRQ Timeout

> On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Christian Hudon wrote:
> > > > 'hdb irq timeout : status = 0x58
> > > > hdb ATAPI reset complete'
> > > I have a Goldstar 8-speed CD-ROM drive giving me the same messages but i
> > > don't know how to handle/evaluate/change this. Any hints someone?
> > Try giving "hdb=cdrom" as an argument to the kernel. Maybe that will help.
> > 
> No, this doesn't make any difference. This parameter only is necessary to
> tell the kernel that /dev/hdb is a CD-ROM drive instead of a harddisk. The
> effect is the same as described by the original poster. Any other ideas?

Put a disc in the drive? :-( My Creative 8-spin (CD820E) reacts
violently to trying to mount the drive when there's no disc present,
causing errors like those above - irq timeouts and ATAPI resets.
In fact, with Linux 2.1.9 and later it causes a minor kernel panic,
which it recovers from. I'm hoping to swap the drive for a Panasonic
soon. The other alternative is to try to fix the driver,
but I don't know nearly enough about Linux to even consider it.

With a disc in the drive at mount time, it works fine.


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