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Re: [OFF TOPIC]Re: X is painful

From: "Richard G. Roberto" <richr@bear.com>
> I'm not a GUI programmer, so maybe its a neato devel platform,
> but 99.999999% of people using computers aren't writing GUIs.

Yes, it was wonderful to develop for.

> Again, I'm not a developer, but NeXT seems to have achieved
> virtual bankrupcy.

I agree that Steve seems to spend a lot more time at Pixar these days.
However the real problem with the NeXT interface was that it was too
far ahead of its time - for example, it ran a PostScript renderer on a
68030 to operate the GUI, and that was a good lot of load for a 68030.
Memory also cost 10 times more than it does now, so none of those
systems had enough of it. They also had to license the renderer from
Adobe for big bucks, or they would have been able to give the software
away (which is what everyone else does when they want something to
catch on in the market). The interface wasn't so bad, it's just that
the computer wasn't up to running it. Hopefully GNUstep will catch on.

I hope we can straighten out the compiler issues and have good GNUstep
support on Debian.


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