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Re: Dselect docs for beginners

Bruce asked me to come up with something to help those new to dselect
when they come to install 1.2 .

> > Are you serious?  You want _me_ to document dselect?
> Not being an expert might be an asset. The users have my installation
> manual to get them up to the login prompt, and then nothing. Something
> _short_ to get them started with dselect would be nice. An explanation
> of the installation methods and the package selection screen would make
> most people a good deal more comfortable. This could be appended to my
> installation instructions so that people would have a good chance of
> reading it when installing Debian for the first time.

I have therefore produced a document and have placed a copy on 
ftp://oak.scotch.wa.edu.au/pub/dselect.beginner.2.gz in the hope that
others will make some constructive suggestions via email.

I expect it to go through version 3,4,5... so get the latest.

That site has narrow bandwidth so if possible avoid the times 04:00 -
06:00 GMT.


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