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Re: debian+emacs problem

Marco Prandini wrote:

> I got a problem with emacs 19.31-2 installed with Debian 1.1.4.
> When I edit long lines reactions become unpredictable: sometimes
> it works well, other times it truncates the line or melts it with
> the surrounding lines.

Next time this happens, press CTRL-l to refresh the screen.

If it is still messed up, then you got some wierd problem 
internal to emacs that I can't even imagine.

If it redraws cleanly, then you've got problems with the TERM type.
Try "export TERM=vt100" before executing emacs. You might have an
issue with termcap/terminfo differences, but I thought this was fixed
in 19.31 and later.

(You didn't say, but I assume you're not running emacs in X windows


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My initial reaction to dselect was the same as my initial reaction 
to most installation programs: "I've got lots of disk space, I'll 
just install EVERYTHING!".  This turned out to be a big mistake.  
I ended up with tons of silly conflicts and now I've got all sorts 
of daemons running (like the AppleTalk server) that I'll never need.  
Someday I'll get around to blowing some of that stuff away (yeah, 

My suggestion is to come up with a few standard machine roles
like "network server", "Novell client", "development machine", etc.
and allow users to pick one or more of these.  An "install almost
everything" option that doesn't result in any conflicts would be
nice too.  After starting from some reasonable base, users could
customize by adding or removing packages as today.

Some way of applying changes to multiple systems automagically 
would be nice to.  If well thought out this would be a major 
selling point for Linux in large organizations.

          ... Ami.

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