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Re: dselect problem

Excerpts from mail: 9-Nov-96 Re: dselect problem by Matt Bartley@lear35.cyte 
> In article <199611041744.RAA18769@andromaca.gimn.upv.es>,
> Rafael Torres  <rtorres@gimn.upv.es> wrote:
> >   I'm working with Debian 1.1 and since last week, when I want to
> >install a .deb packages via ftp, I receive the following message:
> >
> >Processing status file...
> >Odd number of elements in hash list at /usr/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/install
> > line 75,
> ><STATUS> chunk 6898
> >
> >   Please, What can I do to solve this problem???
> This is happening to me too on this machine.  I'm using the FTP method
> in dselect to track rex, non-free, and contrib.

This happens to me too, I'm getting everything from unstable. I doesn't
cause any problems though.

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