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Re: DSelect Suggestions...

Ami Ganguli wrote:
> An "install almost
> everything" option that doesn't result in any conflicts would be
> nice too.  After starting from some reasonable base, users could
> customize by adding or removing packages as today.

If you say so, but I can't imagine anybody doing this other than
for testing purposes.

When I first starting mirroring the debian distribution it was
less than 100MB. Now it's 270MB+, not including the boot/root disks.

It's such an eclectic mix of applications, who could possibly have
time to be interested in all of it!

Your idea of some "standard machine roles" or perhaps "user profiles"
is excellent. As a minimum, I would hope for an "expanded base" 
install that would go ahead and install a bunch of basic packages
that would be a good starting point for any user to start adding,
removing and replacing packages.


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