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Re: innd and suck

rir@phavl.ultranet.com (Rob Ransbottom) writes:

> I am using suck and inn.  I am using a file
> feed to collect news to send out.
> I am confused as to the mechanism to 
> get the INN system to fill the
> .outgoing/news.ultranet.com file.
> I thought ctlinnd flush news.ultranet.com
> would do this, but I guess there is
> a bit more to it, and I'm missing it.

Have you used the `/usr/sbin/get-news' (or `/usr/sbin/get-news.inn')
script in Debian's suck package?  In addition to using the suck
program to retrieve new news, it invokes `ctlinnd flush sitename' and
uses the rpost program to post outgoing articles to the remote news
server automatically.

Of course, for this script to work, your inn system must be correctly
configured to store the message-ids of outgoing articles in the
outgoing file.  This configuration is located in the `/etc/news/newsfeeds'
file.  Here is what I use to feed articles to the nntp server here at
the University of Virginia:


This server is located at address `news.virginia.edu' and it adds
`murdoch' (the server's real name) to the Path header when it receives
articles.  This entry causes inn to write to
`/var/spool/news/.outgoing/news.virginia.edu' the message-id of any
article it receives that does not contain `murdoch' in the Path


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