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dselect via ftp probs

Hi folks, sorry to bring up a quasi newbie prob, but here goes.  I had a
buzz setup with 2.0.24, and after reading various messages about dselect I
decided to go to the frozen level. Here is my trouble so far, I didn't
have dpkg-ftp, so I went and got it, only it wouldn't configure.  Needed 
perl, which I have, but didn't install with dselect.  Naughty me.  So, I 
tried to grab the deb perl, and install it, but it needs libdl1.  
Where is libdl1?  
I've looked, to no avail.  
The funny thing is, I think dpkg-ftp did install, because ftp is now an 
option in dselect, only it doesn't seem to work.  It isn't getting the 
packages files.  It connects, logs in as anonymous, changes to dir, exits, 
but no new packages are available in the next step.  

Rich M

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