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Re: About XFree86 3.2 ...

>>>>> "Carnage" == Carnage  <S566@aacci.aacc.cc.md.us> writes:

    Carnage> Hello, When you installed XFree 3.2, did you experience
    Carnage> any problems with the xrdb utility not working?  When I
    Carnage> first tried it, xrdb would exit with a "can't run
    Carnage> '/usr/lib/cpp -Dblablabla' with a whole bunch of '-D'
    Carnage> switches following the 'cpp' part.

I haven't tried. I'm in work right now (where I run Debian 1.1, XFree
3.1), but I'll give it a go at home over the weekend. Meanwhile...

Q. Does it work with option -cpp /usr/bin/cpp, i.e. going straight to the
binary and not through a symlink?

Q. What are the permisions on cpp?

That might give more of an idea.

Cheers, Graeme

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