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How can I 'logically' provide a package?

Hi there,

  [  I really hope I didn't miss something in the documentation and FAQ, 
     since I can't imagine noone else ever thought about this, but...

     So - if this is somewhere in the doc or FAQ, please don't respond
     to the list, but mail me directly and hand me a pointer to the 
     info I'm looking for ].

  is it (easily) possible within dselect to permanently 'provide' a
package, without actually installing it?
  For instance, as I belong to the XEmacs beta testers, I have a local
self-compiled XEmacs floating around on my system. Now - everytime I get a
new debian package that (pre)depends on, recommends, or suggests an emacs
installation, I'll get into the 'dependency/conflict resolution', where
depending on the dependency dselect automatically selects the standard
emacs for installation. 

  OK - I can override the emacs installation, but I'd rather tell the
system once and for all that I already *HAVE* an emacs on my system, so
that it doesn't come up with the conflict resolution (and - seen from the
other side - comes up with the conflict resolution if I were to try and
install a package that would conflict with emacs).

  Now - is it possible to set (or possibly even just delete a symbol, even
though the package is installed)?



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