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Re: How can I 'logically' provide a package?

Benedikt Eric Heinen <beh@icemark.thenet.ch> writes:
>   [  I really hope I didn't miss something in the documentation and FAQ, 
>      since I can't imagine noone else ever thought about this, but...
>      So - if this is somewhere in the doc or FAQ, please don't respond
>      to the list, but mail me directly and hand me a pointer to the 
>      info I'm looking for ].

No you didn't this is a problem.

>   is it (easily) possible within dselect to permanently 'provide' a
> package, without actually installing it?

Here is a way to do it (someone should write this up as a simple

create a file local-pkgs/DEBIAN/control with:
Package: local-deps
Version: 1.0
Provides: emacs, or-what-ever
Description: stuff I already have
Maintainer: me
Architecture: all
Section: local

(note the final new-line and the fact that it is in two dirs).

do dpkg-deb --build local-pkgs

this will create a local-pkgs.deb file.

Install it with
dpkg-deb -i local-pkgs.deb

voila - to remove just use dselect as per normal (look in section local);


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