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Re: displaying pgp public key and xface in finger info???

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Y Ng <ayn@rocket.Ngbert.org> writes:

    Andrew> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- What file do I put my
    Andrew> PGP public key in to have it displayed in my finger info
    Andrew> in Debian Linux?

Any plain text file in .pgpkey should be displayed be cfingerd when a
remote finger is done. You should extract your public pgp key with
ASCII armour and put it in that file:

pgp -kxa [your_name] temp

This creates two files `temp', with the binary key, `temp.asc' with
the ASCII key. Move `temp.asc' to `.pgpkey'.

IMPORTANT: pgp generates files unreadable by the world (mode 600),
make sure `.pgpkey' has mode 644 so that it can be accessed by the
daemon. Otherwise finger says you have no pgp key! (Tripped me up for
a while.)


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