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Re: Boot up problem...

In your email to me, Adam Shand, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem on boot up that I don't understand and can't seem to fix.
> I have installed Debian 1.1 (off the latest infomagic cd's).  The first 3
> computers I installed in on worked fine.  This one is an older computer, a
> 386 dx 40 with 4 MB of RAM and 16450 UART's.
> The install seemed to go fine without any errors, yet when I boot up I 
> get this:
>   Configuring serial ports....done.
>   /dev/cua0: No such device
>   /dev/cua1: No such device
>   /dev/cua2: No such device
>   /dev/cua3: No such device
>   INIT: Entering runlevel: 2
> I traced the problem down to /etc/rc.boot/0setserial, I read the script
> (removed all the stuff I don't need) and manually defined the com ports.
> The error persisted.

You didn't install the serial.o module when you were installing
the system. Either add 'serial' to /etc/modules, or uncomment that


line there to enable the kerneld autoloading of modules.


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