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Re: Deselect issues(was R: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?)

On 15 Nov 1996, Andy Guy wrote:

> Brian K Servis <servis@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:
> > Paul Christenson writes:
> > >
> > >On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Mark Carroll wrote:
> > >
> > >My only complaint is that it autoinstalls updated packages.  There have
> > >been a number of times that I wanted to grab one new package via ftp
> > >install, and came up with 10 megs of updated packages.  (Not bad at work,
> > >but can be annoying on a 28.8 connection.)
> > >
> > >
> > >Paul
> > >
> > Here, here...I second this.  I know you can confirm what to get but
> > maybe there should be single question to overide this default behavior
> > or something.  My $.02.
> > 
> I am a little confused here - dpkg-ftp prompts you if it should get
> all the new packages marked for installation or if it should prompt
> for each one separately.   What more do you want?  Should the
> questions be worded better?
> Andy.

They are referring to a packages default status of "install"
after being installed instead of "hold".  That tells dselect that
you want to install this package again (i.e. upgrade it).  The
only way to turn this off is to do it manually for each package,
or to go to a package grouping (like Updated Packages (newer
version is available)) and press "=" or "H".  This isn't really
clear in the on line help though.  It seems that you can go to
any of these headings and take action on its contents in the same
manner.  This is the "missing" feature people want.  It seems as
though its there, been there, gonna be there, but we didn't know
about it.  It still doesn't please those who don't want to have
to take any action to obtain a "hold" status for installed
packages, but oh well.


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