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Re: cpio WAS: Rearranging partitions

>  > Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 00:29:32 -0000
>  > From: Nelson Posse Lago <listas2@that.com.br>
>  > To: Martin Stromberg <Martin.Stromberg@lu.erisoft.se>
>  > Message-Id: <Pine.LNX.3.91.961101221610.24011A-100000@fall.that.com.br>
>  > In-Reply-To: <199611010805.JAA01905@epsilon.lu.erisoft.se>
>  > Subject: Rearranging partitions WAS: Re: Question??
>  > find ./ | grep -v /mnt/ | cpio -pdmv /mnt
> Thank you!  Wonderful syntax, and demo of several nuances that have 
> escaped me until this day.  I got out the man pages for grep and cpio, 
> and decoded the above, to learn how it does what I correctly intuited it 
> would do.
> Could you briefly summarize why cp -a or tar -cvf are inappropriate or 
> less functional?

In my opinion they aren't any less functional. I've even read that 
"tar -cpf - /|(cd /mnt; tar -xpf -)" manages to avoid going into a loop
with regard to /mnt! I haven't verified this but I'm not surprised - GNU
software is the way to go!

The con regarding "cp -a" is that it's GNU cp. Versions on other systems 
fuck up symbolic links e. g. 

The pro regarding tar is, there is one on every system, and combining two tars 
with pipes works everywhere (to my knowledge). This makes tar ideal for
scripts that must work on all platforms.

>                   Can an unmounted(*1) root filesystem be successfully 
> mirrored, identical to the original, on a target partition with a new 
> filesystem -- using cp -a or the tar -cvf (*2) method?

The answer is yes. Both can do that.

> Christopher W. Hafey
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> tingri@ntplx.net               | 1078 New Britain Ave Apt 217
> WA1TNR since 1974              | W Hartford Ct USA 06110-2434
> http://www.ntplx.net/~tingri   | tel. 860-236-5400
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> (*1) mounted on /mnt or anywhere but /, I meant
> (*2) and corresponding tar -xvf method, to extract as target
> ---

Just opi(-um-)nions,


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