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Re: Goodbye, all! (Whatever became of X3.2)

At 06:49 PM 11/29/96 -0500, somebody wrote:

>However since you have said so, I officially hand in my resignation.
>I wish you good luck with Debian in the future.

Come on guys!!! I am not a Debian developer (yet) but I am a Debian user and
I think we need everybody's effort in order to make Debian the best Linux
distribution ever available.

I do not think we should fight just by a stupid discussion about wheter to
put X Free 3.1 or 3.2 in the new Debian release.

I thought (maybe I missed something) that everybody agreed on delaying the
release until X Free 3.2 was fully tested, because of the security hole in
3.1. So what's the problem?

I hope nobody leaves the Debian project for such a thing like this.

Have a nice day.


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