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Re: bo is full of symlinks to rex?

> Rick Macdonald <rickm@vsl.com> writes:
> >      changing the flags passed to the remote ls:
> >           flags_recursive+L
> >      or
> >           flags_nonrecursive+L
> > Anybody got a better method to mirror only the "unstable" tree
> > efficiently?

Rob Browning wrote:

> Nope, this is what I use, and it seems to work.

David Engel wrote:

> This is exactly what I do to mirror just "unstable".  It works fine.

Guy Maor wrote:

> That sounds like it work, assuming that symlinked directories aren't
> flattened.  Otherwise you'll have to filter out the symlinked
> directories.

OK, I set it up, and it works fine!
I do filter out the other simlinked directories, and just mirror 

The other thing that isn't perfect is that the Packages ->
symlink gets flattened, so I get two copies of the Packages file.
No big deal. I guess I could exclude Packages, and make my own local
and tell mirror not to delete it. This might work.
Has anybody bothered to do this, or is there another way to not get two
physical copies of Packages?


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