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Re: Error making kernel package

> > warning, 'debian/tmp-image/DEBIAN/control/' contains user-defined field
> > 'Installed-Size'
> > dpkg-deb: building package 'kernel-image-2.0.25' in '..'.
> > dpkg-deb: ignoring 1 warning about control file(s)
> > dpkg-deb: unable to create '..': Is a directory
> > make: *** [stamp-image] Error 2

Hehe,  I got this too.  I got a step further.  I installed
the unstable versions of dpkg and dpkg-dev and the package was
made no problems.

But....I installed the package and rebooted, but it didn't
get past the lilo prompt.  I get the lilo prompt, choose the
new kernel, but an error message tells me WRONG LOADER, GIVING UP...

Now what?!!!  I even reran lilo just in case to no avail.

Roger Endo                            

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