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Automounter troubles

	In an attempt to fix my automnter troubles (amd'd directories
habg after time). I downlaode the latest amd binary from unstable, as
some kind soul sugested. 

	Wehn I installed it I got a message to the effect that there are
new config files and it would convert my old ones for me. Well that didn't
work, so I tried the new configuration tool for amd. It created some files
for me as follows:

-a /amd -r /net /etc/amd/amd.net 

/defaults fs:=${autodir}/${rhost}/root/${rfs}
*	rhost:=${key};type=host;rfs:=/


	Yet when I run adm here is waht I get

Script started on Tue Nov 12 20:27:47 1996
$ amd
Nov 12 20:27:50 yogi amd[267]/info:  My ip addr is 0x100007f
Nov 12 20:27:50 yogi amd[268]/info:  file server localhost type local starts up
$ Nov 12 20:27:50 yogi amd[268]/fatal: No work to do - quitting
Nov 12 20:27:50 yogi amd[268]/info:  Finishing with status 0

Script done on Tue Nov 12 20:27:53 1996

	Can anyone give me a clue how to make this work?

	What I want is really very simple, I wan to be able to access all
exported filesystems on all machines on the local network as

	Any help would be greatly appreciated

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